Parent channel

    In order to facilitate parents' timely understanding of the relevant information of students during the school period, and promote home-school communication to help the growth of mechanics, the college has opened a parent channel function in the digital campus platform.

    The contact information of the class teacher, class schedule, academic performance, reward and punishment records, financial information, behavioral credits, etc. will be published and updated in a timely manner through the Wenzheng Digital Portal ( http://my.lakteledrama.com ), and parents can log in to the website at any time Make a query.

    The parent's inquiry account is jz + student ID, and the initial password is the last six digits of the student ID number (if the English letter at the end of the ID number, it is moved forward by one).

    Examples are as follows:

    Student ID: 1817401234; ID number: 323200000123456789

    Parent login account: jz 1817401234; password: 456789

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