Dean's Speech

    Since the first student enrollment in 1999, Wenzheng College has gone through 20 years.

    From public-owned private secondary colleges to independent colleges, from private non-enterprise to corporate legal entities, the path of Wenzheng College has been extended in the coordination of gathering wisdom and sweating.

    众化阶段迈 进的潮流,但无论是办学体制、内部机制,还是 教育教学、学生管理,文正学院都是“摸着石头过河”。 Although occupying the "first of the atmosphere" echoes the trend of China's higher education from the elite to the popularization stage , whether it is the school running system, internal mechanism, education, teaching, or student management, Wenzheng College is "crossing the river by feeling the stones" ". Of course, serving the student's central demand for growth and becoming a student, as well as making "the world's worry and worry, and the world's joy and happiness" become the inner pursuit of the students, are the seeds of hope that were sown from the beginning.

    Culture is the indelible background of Wenzheng College. In 2010, Mr. Wang Zheng won the "Nobel Prize in Architecture"-the Pritzker Prize. In fact, as early as six years ago, in 2004, the Wenzheng College Library designed by him won the public architecture award in the first "Chinese Architectural Art Award". The silent reinforced concrete building has an unspeakable cultural tenderness at Wenzheng College.

    Culture is the interpretation of Wenzheng College. For Wenzheng College, culture is a multi-dimensional perspective. Fan Zhongyan's sculpture watching on the shore of Cuiwei Lake conveys responsibility and responsibility. The verbal debate and thought collision in the retreat brought about a larger school structure. "One porridge and one meal, when thinking hard to come by;

    Innovation is the character of the rapid and aggressive character of Wenzheng College. Innovation is an open mind. The birth of Wenzheng College is the call of the times and the inner pursuit. Without the spirit of reform and innovative thinking, and jumping out of the old school running ideas, systems and mechanisms, there will be no Wenzheng College, and more young people will have a more meaningful desire to receive education.

    Innovation is a gesture of acceptance. "Big data" has promoted campus management innovation, and the construction of smart campuses has become a model; the flight attendant major has settled in Wenzheng Campus, and school-enterprise cooperation has explored a new path for the construction of applied undergraduates.

    Innovation is a learning attitude. Learning is always the cornerstone of innovation. "Student work is centralized, student activities are grouped, and student organizations are involved in management." As a result of learning, they have ideas and methods, and they are becoming more and more reasonable and perfect.

    Vitality is the scenery of Wenzheng College. Vitality lies in the scenery at four o'clock.

    For several consecutive years, Wenzheng College's teaching team used vacations to go to remote mountainous areas in Yunnan and Guizhou to bring the outside world to the children there. This is the hope of seeding in spring. In various science and technology competitions at all levels, Wenzheng College has repeatedly won Provincial and national awards, this is a great achievement in the fall.

    Vitality often surprises us. We are pleasantly surprised by the ease and ease with which students can communicate at home and abroad. We are pleasantly surprised by the society becoming an indispensable "university experience" for students. We are pleasantly surprised by the "big data" that makes cultural care more in place. With more attention and praise, we are even more surprised that "enthusiastic public welfare, voluntary service" has become the common pursuit of all teachers and students of Wenzheng College, and it has become a culture rooted in each other's hearts.

    Twenty years, we have been on the road, with deep or shallow marks behind ...

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