Our School Holds the Enrollment and Selection of 2020 Specialized Talent Customization Course of Bank of Suzhou

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20 日,苏州银行 2020 年专项人才定制班招生选拔在我院学生活动中心 203 顺利举行。 On December 20 , the Bank of Suzhou's 2020 Special Talent Customization Class Enrollment Selection was successfully held at the Student Activity Center 203 of our college . 2017 31 个专业的近百名同学参加此次面试。 Fan Liheng, Dean of the Bank of Suzhou, Suzhou Banking Finance School, and Tao Wei, Deputy General Manager of the Human Resources Department of the Bank of Suzhou, served as interview judges. Nearly 100 students from 31 majors in 2017 attended the interview.

Admissions selection site

进一步推动银校合作,为苏州银行培养和输送运营服务和小微业务等方面优秀的储备人才,谋求双方合作,实现校企共赢,已成功举办四期, 2020 年继续开展此项工作,计划招生 50 人左右。 The opening of the Bank of Suzhou Specialized Talents Training Class aims to further promote bank-school cooperation, train and transport outstanding reserve talents in areas such as operation services and small and micro businesses for Bank of Suzhou, and seek cooperation between the two parties to achieve a win-win situation between schools and enterprises. This work will be continued in 2020 , and it is planned to recruit about 50 students. 专项人才定制班招募的目的、意义和定位等进行了详细 介绍,上期优秀学员也进行了经验分享和交流。 At the admissions talks held recently, the Bank of Suzhou sent a person to introduce the purpose, significance and positioning of the special talent customized class recruitment in detail , and the outstanding students of the previous period also shared experiences and exchanges.

Interviewing students to answer

At the interview site, the students were prepared, dressed in formal clothes, enthusiastic, and confident. They had made sufficient preparations in terms of resume production, physical appearance, language expression, logical thinking, response ability, and personal characteristics. 品学兼优、亲和力强、品行端正、吃苦耐劳,有良好的服务意识和抗压能力,致力于从事金融行业的同学,希望同学们能充分关注自己的意愿,结合自己的兴趣去挑选职业,永远做自己热爱做的事。 Fan Liheng said that the Bank of Suzhou tends to select students with excellent academic performance, strong affinity, good character, hard work, good service consciousness and stress resistance, and is committed to engaging in the financial industry. I hope that students will pay full attention to their wishes. Choose your career based on your interests and always do what you love to do.

After the interview, the start of the new special talent customization course is progressing in an orderly manner. The school-enterprise cooperation talent training model formed by the Suzhou Bank special talent customization course has also created a through train for high-quality employment of students.


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