Our College Holds the Civil Management Information Reporting Conference for the Autumn Semester of 2019

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19 日晚,我院 2019 年秋学期民管信息通报大会在学生活动中心 202 顺利召开。 On the evening of December 19th , the Civil Management Information Notification Conference of our school in the autumn semester of 2019 was successfully held at the Student Activity Center 202 . - - 班”三级民管联络员参加了本次大会。 Guo Hao, the deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee and the instructor of the Student Union, and the “college - department - class” level 3 civil management liaison attended the conference. The meeting was chaired by Shen Mingting, the sophomore officer of the Democratic Management Committee of the Student Union.

Conference scene

At the conference, Feng Lichuan introduced the development of democratic management of our college students in terms of regular work, key work, and innovative work. Wang Cuicui reported on the concerns and related teachers of the students at the Democratic School Salon this semester. Guo Hao introduced the usage, problems and improvements of the Democratic Parliamentary School's online platform and the civil management release platform.

Feng Lichuan speaks

Wang Cuicui spoke

Guo Hao speaks

11 7 日民管联络员会议召开以来,民主议校网上平台和民管发布平台运行情况良好。 The democratic discussion school online platform and the civil management release platform are the key tasks for students' democratic management this semester . Since the meeting of the civil management liaison officers on November 7 , the democratic discussion school online platform and the civil management release platform have been operating well. 90 余条提案信息,民管发布平台主动公开民主管理信息 25 条,受到了同学的一致好评。 The democratic discussion school online platform is a supplement to the traditional discussion school platform, which has effectively broadened the students' democratic channels. As of now, more than 90 proposals have been received . The Civil Management Publishing Platform has actively disclosed 25 democratic management information , which has been well received by students. .

Democracy school online platform promotion site

2 篇,配合学生会学习部形成调查报告 1 篇,引起了学院对食堂菜价、宿舍除虫、晚自习教室开放等问题的关注,促进了问题的解决;结合学院党委“不忘初心、牢记使命”主题教育活动,开展民主议校沙龙 1 次;开展食堂卫生检查 4 次,有效保障了食堂就餐环境;形成失物招领报告 9 篇,结合民管发布平台进一步完善了报告的公示体系;结合学生三代会提案工作,完成了 194 条提案信息的录入、分类和整理工作,在此基础上开展院方走访、物业交流 1 次,有效反馈了同学关注的问题。 Reviewing the students' democratic management work in this semester, focusing on the issues that the students are widely concerned about, forming two investigation reports , and cooperating with the Student Union Study Department to form one investigation report , which caused problems such as the price of food in the cafeteria, deworming of the dormitory, and the opening of the evening self-study classroom. Concerned and promoted the solution of the problem; combined with the college party committee's theme of “Don't forget the original intention and remember the mission”, the Democratic School Salon was conducted once; the canteen sanitary inspection was carried out 4 times, which effectively protected the dining room dining environment; the Lost Property Reception Report 9 In combination with the civil administration release platform, the report publicity system has been further improved; in combination with the proposal work of the three generations of students, the entry, classification and sorting of 194 proposals have been completed , and on this basis, hospital visits and property exchanges have been conducted once. Effective feedback on classmates' concerns. 20 余次, QQ 空间发布失物信息 300 余条。 At the same time, according to the students' daily questions feedback, the hospital has conducted irregular visits and property exchanges more than 20 times, and QQ Space has published more than 300 pieces of lost property information .

Democracy Parliament School Salon

Three generations meeting proposal arrangement site

The democratic management of students is an important basic work. "Focus on the main responsibility and make breakthroughs" will be the main work ideas for the follow-up period of student democratic management. While doing the daily democratic management work, further improve democracy. The online school for discussion and public administration and the publishing platform for civil administration operate to further improve the channels for students to discuss the school democratically.


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