(Intersection) The immersive Kunqu opera "Six Records of a Floating Life" concludes the Soviet Union's "Soviet Integration Action"

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On the afternoon of the 20th, the finale of the "Su City Integration Action" of Wenzheng College of Soochow University entered the world cultural heritage Canglang Pavilion and watched the garden version of the Kunqu Opera "Six Records of Floating Life". Freshmen from fifteen provinces and cities across the country, led by "Shen Fu" and "Yunniang", walked around in the Canglang Pavilion to change scenery and experience the elegant "Su-style life".

The flute is melodious, and the sleeves are full of water ... The tension and penetrating voice of the two actors in the cold and elegant gardens are vast and distant. When they opened their voices, they shocked the students and attracted other tourists to stop and watch. From time to time, I picked up my phone to take pictures.

"I don't know much about singing, but the actors were shocked when they appeared." Wenfei Chen, a student of Chinese International Education at Wenzheng College, said that in the absence of a microphone, such a clear and clear voice can still be heard clearly in the large courtyard. My voice is really amazing!
Six Chapters of a Floating Life is an autobiographical prose written by Shen Fu, a Suzhou literati in the Qing Dynasty. It tells the love story of the author and his wife Yun Niang, who lived and died beside Canglang Pavilion. The garden version of "The Six Chapters of a Floating Life" shows this story in the art form of Kunqu Opera in the landscape of Suzhou gardens. The relevant person in charge of the production team of "The Six Chapters of Floating Life" introduced Wang Xi. The garden version of "The Six Chapters of Floating Life" is rooted in Suzhou, and the use of Kunqu opera combined with gardens has given a new vitality to the traditional Soviet culture. Make each show a unique "private custom."

It is reported that the garden version of "The Six Chapters of a Floating Life" has attracted a large number of opera enthusiasts to watch it since its launch in 2018, and even many post-90s fans have become fans of the show. In the Six Chapters of a Floating Life, Tang Wei, the player of Yunniang, introduced that in order to enable younger audiences to better understand Kunqu, the creative team combined contemporary aesthetics to make improvements in clothing and makeup. In the past, the oil makeup on the stage was more natural and soft, and the costumes with wide sleeves were changed to more flexible small sleeves. "

"One minute on stage, ten years off stage", this is the most realistic portrayal of the actor. Regardless of aria or body, there is a skill between a smile and a smile. After the performance, the two actors also communicated with the students and taught everyone some simple figures in the play.

Archival professional Yang Qian was specially dressed in Hanfu that day, and she is also a true opera lover. After "playing" with the actor, Yang Qian said excitedly, "These figures seem to be just a few simple moves, but it is very difficult to achieve the position."
"The production team's planning and creativity are moving. If you want to use one word to describe this 'encounter', it will be amazing!" Said Zhu Rentao, a teacher led by Wenzheng College, and was particularly grateful to be in Suzhou with such ancient charm and modern style. City study and work.
The "Su City Integration Action" of SDU Wenzheng College aims to make college freshmen better and faster to understand Suzhou, love Suzhou, and integrate into Suzhou through various activities. Since its launch on October 30, it has entered Jiangxiang Village, the Suzhou Museum of "Punch Time", and experienced the culture of group fans. This is not only a journey of integration, but also a journey of cultural experience! Along the way, the "Su City integration into action" fully demonstrated the theme of "touching the pulse of struggle, feeling the charm of the city, and firmly moving forward".

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