(Gravity broadcast) The immersive Kunqu opera "Six Chapters of a Floating Life" staged in the Soviet Union Wenzheng Xuezi's traditional cultural "Road to Fan"

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Yesterday (December 20), in the city of Gusu, beside the Canglang Pavilion, the melodious flute and water sleeves were originally immersed in the Kunqu Opera "The Six Chapters of a Floating Life". It is reported that this time the audience team came from 15 provinces and cities nationwide, are freshmen of Wenzheng College of Suzhou University. The oldest traditional opera Kunqu in the Canglang Pavilion, a world cultural heritage, made these young people "love at first sight" and immediately "turn the road".

According to reports, watching the garden version of "The Six Chapters of a Floating Life" is the end of the school's "Su City integration action" activity. The school launched the "Su City Integration Action", which aims to enable college students from all over the country to better and faster understand Suzhou, love Suzhou, integrate into Suzhou through the cultural perspective, and help Suzhou develop after its success.

"The Six Chapters of a Floating Life" is an autobiographical prose written by Shen Fu, a Suzhou literati in the Qing Dynasty. It tells the love story of the author and his wife Yun Niang at the Canglang Pavilion. The garden version of "The Six Chapters of a Floating Life" is a Kunqu opera. This art form is displayed in the landscape of Suzhou gardens. According to Wang Yi, the production team of Six Chapters of a Floating Life, the garden version of Six Chapters of a Floating Life is rooted in Suzhou, and the use of Kunqu opera combined with gardens has given new life to the traditional Soviet culture. And its "immersive" characteristics make each performance a unique "private custom." The drizzling rain in Suzhou that day gave the actors a different taste that blended with the situation, and the college students who watched also immersed themselves in Shen Fu and Yun Niang's unremitting love and Soviet-style life at that time.

The flute and tunes of the performance scene were intertwined. The tension and penetrating voice of the two actors seemed to be vast and distant in the cold and elegant gardens, and the college students were shocked when they opened their voices. Other tourists in the park are also attracted to stop and watch, and occasionally pick up mobile phones to take pictures. Chen Feifei, a student of Mandarin International Education at Wenzheng College, admitted that she did n’t know much about singing, but she was shocked when she appeared. “Without a microphone, you can still hear such clear and clear voices in the large courtyard. It's really amazing. "

The garden version of Six Chapters of a Floating Life is the first immersive Kunqu opera in China. Since its launch in 2018, it has successfully attracted a large number of opera enthusiasts to watch, and even many post-90s fans have become fans of the show. In the Six Chapters of a Floating Life, Tang Wei, the player of Yunniang, introduced that in order to allow younger audiences to better understand Kunqu, the creative team combined contemporary aesthetics and made some improvements in clothing and makeup. "Our red and white makeup now The face is more natural and softer than the oily makeup on the previous stage, and the costumes with wide sleeves have been changed to more flexible small sleeves. "

"One minute on stage, ten years off stage", this is the most realistic portrayal of the actor. Regardless of aria or body, there is skill in a smile. After the performance, the two actors also had live exchanges with college students, teaching everyone some simple figures in the play. Yang Qian, a file major, was specially dressed in Hanfu that day, walking through the pavilions very well. She was also very excited because she had the opportunity to "play" with the actors. She is an out-of-the-box opera enthusiast. After watching Kunqu up close, she realized the difficulty of the actors. "These figures seem to be just a few simple moves, but it is very difficult to achieve the position. If Without their love of Kunqu and their understanding of Six Chapters of a Floating Life, I don't think they can do so well. "

Zhu Rentao, a team leader of Wenzheng College, said, "If you want to use one word to describe this" encounter ", it is" amazing ". I was particularly touched by the planning and creativity of the production team. My classmates and I are particularly grateful to be in Suzhou like this. A city with ancient charm and modernity to study and work. "

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