"Striving forward to carry on the mission, build sail and build a new journey"-our school holds the 2019 New Year's Eve Party and the "Excellent Campus Awards" Ceremony

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20 日晚 ,由我院团委举办的 2019 年跨年晚会暨“校园优秀活动”颁奖典礼在综合楼报告厅隆重开幕。 On the evening of December 20 , the 2019 New Year's Eve Party and the "Excellent Campus Awards" Ceremony held by the Youth League Committee of our hospital was grandly opened in the lecture hall of the comprehensive building. Assistant Dean and Minister of Student Affairs (and concurrently) Wu Haiyong, Director of Student Affairs Department Qi Suping, Deputy Director of Student Affairs Department Sun Lanzhen, Youth League Secretary He Yu, Youth League Deputy Secretary Wang Yi and Guo Hao, and all Youth League instructors attended the evening party .

Wonderful show

FID 街舞社激情四射的原创舞蹈《虚与实》中拉开了帷幕,艺术团舞蹈团带来的火辣热舞《 Fancy 》引起了场内阵阵欢呼。 The evening kicked off in FID Street Dance Club's passionate and original dance "Virtual and Real". The hot dance " Fancy " brought by the art troupe drew cheers from the venue. FFF 等五人带来的歌曲串烧旋律优美;民乐团带来《我和我的祖国》,用二胡、古筝等民族乐器诉说了对中华土地的热忱,对辽阔天空的赞颂;田原、徐培健等同学带来了激昂澎湃的朗诵《夙昔·方今·未来》,以历史歌颂中华人民顽强奋斗之精神,场内时而肃静时而掌声雷动,观众沉浸在晚会带来的视听盛宴中。 The songs brought by Wu You, FFF and other five people have beautiful melody; the folk ensemble brought "I and My Motherland", and used erhu, guzheng and other national instruments to express their enthusiasm for the land of China and praise the vast sky; Tian Yuan, Xu Peijian and other students brought an exciting recitation "The Past, the Present, the Future", praising the spirit of the Chinese people's tenacious struggle with history, and the venue was sometimes silent and applause. .


Guests present awards to winners and individuals

月,院团委面向全院举办了“校园新锐人物”——“魅力团支书·活力团支部”风采展示评选和校园优秀活动评选。 In November , the Youth League Committee of the Academy hosted the campus “New Talents on Campus” — “Character Group Secretary · Vitality Group Branch” style display selection and outstanding campus activity selection. 7 位团支书、 10 个团支部分别荣获学院“魅力团支书·活力团支部”称号; 10 项活动在全院 300 余场活动中脱颖而出,获得校园精品活动称号,并评选出 15 项校园优秀活动单项奖,充分发挥了校园优秀活动的文化育人功能及基层典型的榜样示范效应,响应了文明校园建设“六个好”的要求,营造积极和谐的校园氛围。 After evaluation, a total of 7 League branch secretary and 10 League branch were awarded the title of “Charm League Party Branch and Vigorous League Branch” of the college; 10 activities stood out in more than 300 activities in the whole school , and won the title of campus excellent activities, and selected 15 The single award for outstanding campus activities has brought into full play the cultural educating function of campus excellent activities and the exemplary role model of grassroots, responding to the "six good" requirements for the construction of a civilized campus, and creating a positive and harmonious campus atmosphere. Ou Haiyong, Qi Suping, and Sun Lanzhen presented awards to the award-winning units and individuals, and took a group photo.

Excellent representatives of grass-roots Youth League branch spoke

18 法学席学志以及“活力团支部”代表 18 轨道交通信号与控制黄鑫祎上台发言。 At the award ceremony, "Charm Group Secretary" on behalf of the 18 Law School Xuezhi and "Vitality Group Branch" on behalf of the 18 rail transit signal and control Huang Xinyu came to the stage to speak. They introduced the responsibilities and obligations of the party branch secretary, systematically demonstrated the style of their branch, and shared their management experience. Let more students understand branch work, call for more party branch secretary to join in, achieve personal charm, create branch vitality. / 肖逸晴图 / 吴雪娇杨一璞张嘉) (Text / Xiao Yiqing map / Wu Xuejiao Yang Yizheng Zhang Jia)

Group photo of guests and cast members

Winners list of outstanding campus activities

Winners list

Winners list


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