Our Institute Launches a Series of "Warm Winter Solstice and Wenzheng Date" 2019 Activities

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20日,我院2019情暖冬至、文正有约系列活动——免费加餐行动启动仪式在学生第二食堂一楼、学生第三食堂一楼举行。 On December 20th , the launching ceremony of our school's " warm winter solstice, Wenzheng have appointments " series of activities in 2019 -the free meals initiation ceremony was held on the first floor of the second canteen of students and the first floor of the third canteen of students. 余名学生代表参加了启动仪式。 Assistant Dean and Minister of Student Affairs (concurrently) Wu Haiyong, Assistant of Dean and Minister of Security Service (concurrently) Leng Fei, Director of Student Affairs Department Qi Suping, Director of Logistics and Asset Management Department Yin Weijun, Deputy Director of Student Affairs Department Sun Lanzhen , Ji Chengyuan, deputy director of the Logistics and Asset Management Division, He Yu, secretary of the Youth League Committee, Wang Yi and Guo Hao, deputy secretary of the Youth League committee, some teacher representatives from the Student Division, Logistics and Asset Management Division, and more than 120 student representatives from the twelve departments participated in the launch. ceremony.

Launch ceremony scene

At the launching ceremony, Ou Haiyong and Leng Fei sent the students holiday blessings, and together with other teachers, they distributed meal coupons and exquisite stews to the students. 名学生领取了加餐。 This meal-adding operation was warmly welcomed by students. According to statistics, about 5,000 students received the meal-adding.

Additional meal distribution site

This winter solstice series of activities, in addition to free meals, as well as heart warming porridge plan, fire eyes golden eyes action, dumplings contest and other activities.16日至1219日下午,暖心粥计划在各宿舍楼下开展,活动期间,同学们到指定宿舍楼一楼服务台可以免费领取暖心粥一份,给寒冷的冬天增加了一些温暖,让同学们感受到浓浓的温情。 In the afternoon of December 16th to December 19th , the warm heart porridge plan will be launched downstairs in the dormitories. During the activity, students can receive a free warm heart porridge at the desk on the first floor of the designated dormitory building, which adds to the cold winter Some warmth makes the students feel a strong warmth.

Heart-warming porridge distribution site

17日上午, 火眼金睛行动在文正校园展开,工作人员早早按照计划,将印有“情”“暖”“冬”“至”字样的卡片藏在校园不同的区域,最先集齐四张卡片的同学获胜,并获得担任包饺子比赛大众评审的机会。 On the morning of December 17 , Operation Gold Eyes was launched at the Wenzheng campus. Staff members planned to hide the cards printed with the words "love", "warm", "winter" and "to" in different areas of the campus as early as possible. The classmates of the card win and get the chance to serve as the public judge of the dumpling competition.

Fire Eye Gold Eye Card

On the afternoon of the same day, the second floor of the Three Canteens was filled with a strong festive atmosphere, and the Dumpling Contest was held as scheduled. 名选手分成12组进行最终角逐。 Through early publicity and registration, 48 players were divided into 12 groups for the final competition. Before the start of the competition, Master Wang of the Three Dining Halls gave face-to-face experience to teach students how to roll dumplings and how to make good-looking dumplings. The table was surrounded by students. At the beginning of the game, the players rolled their skins, stuffed, kneaded dumplings, and seasonings. While making dumplings, they were cooking home-made dishes, and the restaurant echoed with laughter. 级机械工程班的陆怡佳、史晶晶、韩宵、蒋巧四位同学获得一等奖。 Professional judges and public judges scored in terms of speed, appearance, taste and other aspects. Finally, Lu Yijia, Shi Jingjing, Han Xiao, and Jiang Qiao won the first prize in the 2018 mechanical engineering class.

Dumpling Teaching

Dumpling competition scene

Dumpling competition awards scene

At the age of age, Yingxiang was appointed as the head of Naqing. The winter solstice is a traditional festival in China. It has been said that "the winter solstice is as big as the year" since ancient times. This activity allowed students to feel the warmth of home and the warmth of the college. At the same time, through this form, students were guided to pay attention to Chinese traditional festivals and Chinese traditional culture.


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