The fourth head teacher salon held in our hospital

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19 日下午,我院第四期班主任沙龙在教学楼 3-101 顺利举行。 On the afternoon of December 19th , the salon of the fourth head teacher of our college was successfully held in 3-101 of the teaching building . 70 余位班主任老师参加了本次沙龙。 Wu Haiyong, Assistant to the Dean of the School, and Minister (and concurrently) of the Student Affairs Department, Qi Suping, Director of the Student Office, Sun Lanzhen, Deputy Director, the head of the entire Office of Student Affairs, and more than 70 head teachers of the school who have worked as head teachers for less than four years Attended this salon. The salon is hosted by Teacher Tian Kedi of the Student Office .

Keynote speeches by two teachers

This salon includes two themed reports. Teacher Gu Rongqing, deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office, gave a special speech on "What to do if the exam is approaching, candidates and invigilators", and made specific requirements for the final examination at the two levels of students and class teachers. I hope that the class teachers must take care of, Care for and protect the perspective of students, proactively educate and guide students to conduct honest tests, and create a good style of study and study. Teacher Ji Shunquan of the Student Department made a special speech on "Reminders on Student Disciplinary Actions and Dismissal Relevant Work". He introduced the latest implementation rules and management regulations on student disciplinary actions in detail, and helped the class teacher to understand the requirements of disciplinary actions. Special emphasis was placed on the positive role that the class teacher should play in the process of dismissing the student's disciplinary action. After speaking in the keynote speech, the relevant class teacher at the scene also expressed his doubts and confusions.

Qi Suping speaks

Qi Suping made a comment. She answered the questions and confusions raised by the relevant class teacher on the spot, and also made a supplementary speech focusing on the examination style, discipline and dissolution. In particular, she hoped that the class teacher must be familiar with the relevant regulations and requirements of disciplinary and dismissal, and strengthen the warning of class students. Educate and guide, fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of informing students and communicating with parents in a timely manner, and care and help the students who have been punished.

Ou Haiyong speaks

Ou Haiyong made a concluding speech. He emphasized the importance of the work of the class teacher, and explained some problems encountered in the implementation of the student disciplinary regulations. He reminded the class teacher to do a good job of education and notification of the students beforehand, and to do regular work for the students who were punished. Track, understand, and proactively provide procedural help.

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