Our institute and Beijing Guanghui Jintong Education Technology Co., Ltd. held a cooperation exchange meeting

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19 日上午,我院与北京广慧金通教育科技有限公司举行合作交流会。 On the morning of December 19 , our institute held a cooperation and exchange meeting with Beijing Guanghui Jintong Education Technology Co., Ltd. Jiao Diancheng, chairman of Guanghui Jintong, and Wu Changzheng, president of our hospital, attended the meeting. Guanghui Jintong Strategy Consultant, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Regional General Manager Guo Wen, Director of the Office of Wenzheng College, Fei Daojing, etc., and Shi Shengwei, Deputy Dean, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Dean Yuan Changbing, Dean Xing Chao, Director Song Dan, director of the Employment Department, attended the meeting. The meeting took place in the large conference room of the complex.

meeting venue

Jiao Diancheng pointed out that the "Aeronautical Service Art and Management" specialty has been approved by the Ministry of Education, which has laid a more solid foundation for civil aviation personnel training and school-enterprise cooperation. He hoped that the two sides will continue to give play to their respective advantages, and further expand the field of cooperation with the guidance of in-depth cultivation of teaching and research.

Jiao Diancheng spoke

Wu Changzheng's delegation welcomed the delegation. He said that the training of aviation service arts and management talents should focus on internationalization and high standards, and upgrade from "service" to "management". He hoped that both parties could take the opportunity of the approval of the new profession to further improve the quality of talent training.

Welcome Speech by Wu Changzheng

Shi Shengwei believes that Wenzheng College and Guanghui Jintong have a good foundation for school-enterprise cooperation, which has transported a lot of professional talents in related fields, and has also become a highlight of volunteerism for Wenzheng College. The continued cooperation between the two parties will help Wenzheng College to explore and apply Training of talents.

Shi Shengwei speaks

The two sides conducted in-depth and comprehensive discussions on the construction and cooperation of the "Aeronautical Services Art and Management" specialty, and exchanged views on specific issues such as admissions interviews, teaching management, and equipment upgrades.

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