"Taking history as a mirror, rejuvenating"-our institute launches the eighth lesson of the open course of education and belief under the national flag

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12 13 日是第六个南京大屠杀死难者国家公祭日。 December 13 , 2019 is the sixth national ceremonial day of the Nanjing Massacre. To commemorate the victims of the Nanjing Massacre and to remember the martyrs of the revolution, the Youth League Committee of our hospital launched the eighth lesson of "Education under the Flag"-"Learning from History and Rejuvenating". 655 名学生代表齐聚操场。 Wu Haiyong, Assistant Dean and Minister of Student Affairs (Concurrently), Qi Suping, Director of Student Affairs Department, Sun Lanzhen, Deputy Director of Student Affairs Department, Tang Xuan, teacher of the Department of Political Science and Research, all the group instructors and 655 student representatives gathered at the playground . The morning class was chaired by Guo Hao, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee.

Morning class scene

Flag raising ceremony

7 30 ,国旗护卫队动作整齐、口号嘹亮走向旗杆。 At 7:30 am , the National Flag Guard moved neatly and the slogan went bright towards the flagpole. Along with the high-pitched national anthem, the five-star red flag slowly rose. To commemorate the compatriots and revolutionary martyrs who were killed in the Nanjing Massacre, they lowered the flag at half a moment and observed a minute of silence.


级播音与主持艺术全体同学宣读《和平宣言》并领读誓词。 Class of 2019 Broadcasting and Hosting Art All students read the Declaration of Peace and read the oath.


Reading the Declaration of Peace

All students swore

Teacher Tang Xuan spoke. 只有以历史为镜,才能展望未来。 He explained the origin of the National Ceremony Day, and called on students to remember history and work hard to truly turn patriotism into a trip to serve the country and contribute their own strength to the glory of the motherland. Only by using history as a mirror can we look to the future.


Tang Xuan Speech

Wu Haiyong hopes that all students will not forget the shame of the country, cherish peace, learn from history, and keep improving. He said that Wenzheng students should shoulder the mission and responsibilities entrusted by the times and let their youthful dreams fly in the new journey of realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


Ou Haiyong's speech

2018 9 月份以来,我院持续实施 国旗下的教育 信仰公开课。 Since September 2018 , our institute has continuously implemented the " Education under the National Flag " open class of faith. 10000 余人次,利用仪式教育,培养学生的社会责任、激发学生的爱国热情,鼓励学生爱国、诚信、明礼、修德,有效推进主题公开课规范化,取得了校园主题仪式教育引导青年学生的预期成效。 By organizing on-site observance of students in our college, covering more than 10,000 students , the use of ritual education cultivates students' social responsibility, stimulates their patriotic enthusiasm, encourages students to be patriotic, honest, courteous, and ethical, and effectively promotes the standardization of public themed courses. The expected effect of the campus ritual education guides young students. / 梁仕德 (Text / Liang Shide   / 吴雪娇、杨一璞) (Picture / Wu Xuejiao, Yang Yizheng)

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