Our hospital held a special job fair for the campus of Changzhou Airport

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13 日上午,常州机场校园宣讲暨专场招聘会在学生活动中心 106 室举行。 On the morning of December 13 , the Changzhou Airport campus lecture and special job fair was held in Room 106 of the Student Activity Center . 20 2019 届毕业生参加面试。 Nearly 20 graduates of the 2019 class of electronics science and technology, electrical engineering and automation, rail transit signal and control and other related majors attended the interview.

Changzhou Airport Campus Briefing

Geng Guilin, Director of the Personnel Department of Changzhou Airport made a detailed introduction from the company's profile, recruitment positions and requirements, employee benefits, work salary and working hours, etc., and answered questions that the students care about, and expressed their enthusiasm to those who want to join Welcome.

作宣讲 Geng Guilin gave a lecture

Then, a group of four students conducted a structured interview. In the face of the examiner's questions, the applicants responded calmly, impatiently and orderly. After the interview, two students basically reached their employment intentions.

Structured interview

The purpose of this special campus job fair is to give graduates a deeper understanding of the industry situation and talent needs, build an employment platform to provide more high-quality jobs, and seek higher quality employment.


(Admissions and Employment Division)

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