(Meeting Point) “Suzhou City's Integration into Action” of SDU Wenzheng College walked into Taihu Kitchen to taste “Suzhou taste”

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"The beauty of Taihu Lake, the beauty of Taihu Lake, the beauty is in the water of Taihu Lake, where there are white sails on the water, ah there is red diamonds underwater, ah reeds on the water's edge, fish and shrimp fertilizer on the water ..." On the evening of the 11th, Suzhou University Wenzheng College "Su The fifth stop of “City Integration into Action” entered the Taihu Kitchen, a cultural theme restaurant. Thirty freshmen were at Taihu Lake, exploring Suzhou culture with the tip of their tongues, and savoring the taste of Suzhou.

Gastronomy is the collective memory of a city. As one of the five major freshwater lakes, Taihu Lake is rich in products and has provided Suzhou with rich food resources. From "Taihu Sunfish" to "Su Bang Cai", what remains unchanged is the exquisiteness and longing for a better life in Suzhou's bones.

"The fish took out the internal organs, washed them, scratched the fish, sprayed with cooking wine, put a little salt in the hands, put the ginger slices in the belly and knife slits, and sprinkled the steamed fish stew with oil ..." Master Taihu Kitchen Chef Wang Explain the practice of special dishes for everyone. He said that the Su Bang dishes are of high quality, fresh and delicious, not only with rigorous selection and fine production, but also due to the different seasons.

"Taihu Sanbai, squirrel sea bass, squirrel sea bass reed, dried prunes with dried vegetables ... you can't wait to look at it!" Said Liao Tingting, an information resource management major, "The Su Bang dishes are as refined as Suzhou Like people, they are 'gentle', and they are really 'one party who has water and soil to support one'. "Sichuan girl Yang Siyuan from the new energy specialty said," This time I tasted authentic Suzhou cuisine, with a light taste, sweet and salty flavor, and The taste of hometown food is different, which also makes me feel the different cultural characteristics of the two cities. "
Taihu Kitchen is one of the Suzhou Tailv Group brand projects. Wenzheng College and Tailv Group have long-term and friendly exchanges and cooperation. After the unveiling of the practice teaching base on November 28 this year, the Tailu Group paid for the entire “food journey”, reflecting its development mission of “merging the power of culture, resources and social responsibility”.
The "Su City Integration Action" of SDU Wenzheng College aims to make college freshmen better understand Suzhou, fall in love with Suzhou, and integrate into Suzhou through various activities. Since its launch on October 30, it has entered Jiangxiang Village, Suzhou Museum of "Punch-in", visited the park planning exhibition hall and enterprises, and experienced the culture of group fans.

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