"Micro Innovation-Small Changes Create Great Products" Lecture Notice

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Speaker: Yu Yarong
Lecture time: 2019-12-17 18:00:00
Speaker profile: Yu Yarong, male, professional teacher of archival science, instructor of Sanchuang University, master degree, engineer title. He used to work for China Aero Engine Group, responsible for model archives, quality archives management and company archives informatization of domestic commercial large bypass turbo aero turbine engine projects. He has extensive archive business management and archives informatization practice experience. Presided over the construction of "Enterprise Digital Archives" and passed the inspection and acceptance of aviation industry archives. Scientific research results: Hosted one science and technology project of the National Archives Administration, one science and technology project of the Jiangsu Provincial Archives, participated in a number of municipal department-level scientific research projects and college education reform projects, and the scientific research results have won the second prize of the Archives Branch of the Chinese Aviation Association.
Topics: innovation theory and method, creative thinking training, creativity training in life, key principles of system innovation, etc.
Lecture location: 1-203
Hosted by: Student Office
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