"Introduction to 5G Antenna and System Application Solutions" Lecture Notice

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Speaker: Xu Feng
Lecture time: 2019-12-11 18:30:00
Speaker profile: Xu Feng, general manager of Suzhou National Quality Network Communication Co., Ltd. (NQI), director of Suzhou Overseas Chinese Talents Association, and expert of 5G expert database of Suzhou Industrial and Information Technology Bureau. Graduated from Suzhou University with a bachelor degree in communications engineering in 2002, and studied part-time in communications engineering with a master's degree in engineering from Suzhou University in 2007-2009. He holds a Ph.D. Dr. From 2002 to 2013, he has successively worked in the Feichuang Suzhou R & D Center, the Finnish OULU R & D Center, the Nokia Nokia R & D Headquarters, and the US Pulse Group's Asia-Pacific R & D Department. He has served as an RF engineer, chief engineer, R & D director, and general manager of the business department. . In 2014, he served as the general manager of Suzhou National Zhixin Network Communication Co., Ltd. (NQI). In 2015, he was awarded the leader in science and technology in Wuzhong District. After 5 years of independent research, an original domestic 5G R & D system integration test platform was developed.
Contents of the lecture : System parameters and system composition of 5G antenna, 5G enabled smart campus, 5G enabled smart home system, 5G enabled unmanned driving, 5G enabled medical, 5G enabled AR / VR, smart city management system, wireless Basic antenna parameters and test methods.
Lecture location: 4-306
Hosted by: Student Office
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