(Tencent Dasu.com) College of Culture and Education, Soochow University pushes for "Sue City integration action"

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On November 30, 30 freshmen from the Wenzheng College of Suzhou University visited the Suzhou Industrial Park Planning Exhibition Hall and the Bio-Pharmaceutical Industrial Park in a collective way. They learned about the park from another "cross section" and learned the "park experience" to better fall in and integrate with Suzhou. . This event is also one of a series of "Su Cheng integration activities" organized by the school for freshmen from 15 provinces and cities nationwide.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and the 25th anniversary of the development and construction of the Suzhou Park. It is of special significance to walk into the park at such a special historical moment. As the largest economic and technological cooperation project between the governments of China and Singapore, while actively playing the "test field" function of reform and opening up, it has won many "unique" and "first"-as a planning exhibition center to showcase achievements and achievements. Let college students linger. From the development history, development concept, and development plan, to watching "naked eye 3D" promotional videos, sitting in a self-driving car and feeling artificial intelligence at zero distances, and "photos" with "Alpha Egg" robots ... At the same time, I also deeply felt the hard work and hardship of the park from a barren development into a world-class high-tech industrial park in just 25 years.
"The appearance of the park is almost the same as the hand-drawn planning drawings of 25 years ago. I think the big reason is that very scientific decisions were made in the early stages of construction." Chen Feifei, a Chinese language major, was being "painted to the end" At the same time, he was impressed by some "details". She said, "So many years ago, the underground equipment in the park had already adopted a very forward-looking, high-standard" Jiutong one leveling ". Even in the rainy Jiangnan water village, the park never experienced drainage problems, so I think this is The experience of the park has given us the inspiration for college students-to lay a solid foundation and draw a blueprint before we can be practical. "
Biopharmaceutical is one of the park's strengths. After visiting the planning exhibition hall, everyone continues to "check in" the biomedical industry park and "unlock" the park's experience from another aspect. It is understood that the industrial park has gathered more than 400 high-tech R & D enterprises, formed industrial clusters such as biomedicine, medical equipment, and biotechnology, and has become an innovative community for the gathering, exchange and cooperation of nearly 10,000 high-level R & D talents. Among them, the Cold Spring Harbor Asia Conference Center and other projects have made it a global academic and industrial exchange center in the field of life sciences.

"I'm an engineering student, even though I don't understand the" macromolecule "," small molecule "," immunotherapy "mentioned by the interpreter, but I really feel the benefits of technological development to the people. The enterprises in the park have the courage to innovate and develop domestic New anti-cancer drugs and medical machinery, greatly reducing the cost of patients to see a doctor. "Shao Xu, a student of vehicle engineering, said with emotion.
This event also refreshed everyone's knowledge of the industrial park. "When referring to the industrial park, the first thing I thought of was the large factory buildings and smoking chimneys. I did not expect that the Suzhou Industrial Park was so" environmentally friendly "and an innovative and green ecological park." A journalist major Liao Yi told reporters, It's no exaggeration to describe the Suzhou Industrial Park with the words "high" and "large". "

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