(Meeting Point) The First Alumni Personal Art Exhibition Held by SDU Wenzheng College Stunningly Appeared

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Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian, Zhao Linger, Hua Qiangu ... What kind of "spark" will these classic characters in popular costumes and movies play with color lead? On November 26th, an exhibition of colorful lead portraits of costume characters with the theme of "deepness and deepness" was held at Wenzheng College of Suzhou University. A total of 76 works were exhibited, all from the hand of Li Tian, alumni of Art and Design major of Wenzheng College in 2014. . Li Tian also became the first alumni of Wen Zheng to return to school to hold a personal art exhibition.

"I like the culture of the ancient style. I hope that I can continue this love just like Xuejie." "So many works must not be completed overnight. I have to learn from Xuejie and sit on the 'cold bench'. Fang Can stick to the love of art. "The exhibition site attracted many groups and art students to" group ". Seeing the colorful lead portraits of classic characters in many historical costume dramas, such as "Chen Qingling", "Yanxi Raiders" and so on, the audience praised "Too much like!" "Too beautiful!" And took out their mobile phones. Take a picture.

"These works show Li Tian's excellent modeling ability and color expression ability." Ma Tianxin, a teacher at Li Tian University and a professor at the Art Department of Wenzheng College, said comfortably that even though she has graduated for many years, she pursues and expresses beauty. But it has continued. This is also the original intention of art education.

When I heard that Li Tian was about to hold a work exhibition, Jiang Xiangyu, a classmate from the university, came to the show. "Li Tian was excellent during college, and success was expected." Jiang Xiangyu said with emotion, Li Tian can persist for so long and overcome all kinds of difficulties, but I really admire it.

"It is very proud to host a solo exhibition at my alma mater!" Li Tian has loved painting since he was a child. He chose art major when he was in college. Although he did not engage in this field after graduation, he did not lay down his brushes. Now a "hot mom", she "squeezes" time every day to create, and often draws seven or eight hours. Li Tian told reporters, "On the one hand, the exhibition of works is a dream, and more importantly, I want to convey the beauty of life through painting, so that more students and students can adhere to the pursuit and love of art and keep their original intentions." To let more people see his work, Li Tian also opened a Douyin account. At present, his work has been praised 387,000 and has also received a large number of fans.
"The college has always attached importance to the construction of campus culture and culture and educating people." Shi Shengwei, deputy dean of Wenzheng College, introduced that since the beginning of this year, the college has "presented" the exhibition of calligraphy and calligraphy by Shen Zizheng, calligraphy and seal carving by Fang Ming, and calligraphy exhibition of "Dao Hengzheng" Wait for "cultural dinner" to meet the cultural needs of students.

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