(Intersection) "The first person in Lin Sanzhi's research" launched more than 60 exhibited works at the calligraphy exhibition

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On the 8th, "Dao Heng Wenzheng-Lu Heng Calligraphy Exhibition" opened at the Wenzheng College of Suzhou University. It displayed more than 60 calligraphy works of Zheng, Cao, Li, Xi and Xing, mostly for Lu Heng singing to the motherland. His self-made poems are also the accumulation of his many years of reading.

Lu Heng is a full-time painter of the Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Chinese Painting and the Jiangsu Provincial Court of Justice. He is also the director of the Suzhou International Cultural Exchange Center. As the founder of the "Orthodox Chinese Character System", his manuscript of "Orthodox Chinese Characters" and the common seal of autonomy also appeared in the calligraphy exhibition.

Lu Heng is proficient in ancient Chinese phonetics and philology. After more than 30 years of research, in "Zheng Hanzi", he traced and guided the 2000 commonly used Chinese characters, making them easy to teach, learn, remember, and use. He also has a leading position in Lin Sanzhi's research and Fu Baoshi's research field, and is known as "the first person in Lin Sanzhi's research". His works have also been selected in the first Chinese Calligraphy Lanting Award, the 7th National Youth Calligraphy Engraving Exhibition, the 6th Chinese Art Festival, Modern Calligraphy Exhibition, and the "Lin San Prize".

"Chinese calligraphy is an ancient Chinese character writing art and unique visual art, and it is the cultural treasure of the Chinese nation." As an adjunct professor at Wenzheng College, Lu Heng has his own adherence to calligraphy. He said that using "I write my heart" and creating "going to the heart" are his unchanged original intentions.
"Wenzheng College always attaches great importance to the construction of cultural soft power and enhances the cultural taste of the campus." Zhonghong, secretary of the party committee of Wenzheng College, said that this calligraphy exhibition is another demonstration of the school's response to the call of the times, firm cultural self-confidence, and inheritance and development of the excellent Chinese tradition.

At the scene, many famous calligraphy and painting masters, art lovers, and teachers and students from the academy came here. Mr. Wei Jiayu, deputy chairman of Jiangsu Poetry Association and non-genetic person Tang Tang reckons highly of Lu Heng ’s cultural skills and artistic level, and hopes that the students of Wenzheng College will inherit and carry forward traditional culture, continue to innovate, solidify their cultural skills, and improve cultural literacy . The famous scholar Shen Shixing admired the works while admonishing contemporary college students: "We can't lose ourselves because of mobile phones. We should not forget the pen in our hands while using technology."
"Words are like people, writing well means being a good person." Wu Jiangting, a 2019-level advertising student at Wenzheng College, said, "As a '90s post-Internet' Aboriginal ', I usually spend more time on my mobile phone than writing. I will try next. Put down your phone and improve your cultural literacy by practicing more words. "
It is reported that since this year, Wenzheng College has successively held a series of exhibitions such as Shen Ziyi's Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition, Fang Ming's Calligraphy and Seal Engraving Exhibition, and Fan Zhongyan's Permanent Exhibition of Historical Materials, in order to promote traditional culture and highlight the "cultural awareness" in the process of running colleges and talents. The calligraphy exhibition will open until January 12, 2020.

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