(China News Weekly) The School of Wenzheng, Soochow University pushes for "Su City integration action"

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In order to let everyone better understand Suzhou, fall in love with Suzhou, and integrate into Suzhou, Wenzheng College of Suzhou University has launched the "Sucheng Integration Action" for freshmen from 15 provinces and cities across the country. On November 23, 30 college students from the school collectively “punched” the Suzhou Museum, and this was also the fourth stop of the “Su City integration action”. Before that, they had passed the Suzhou-themed lectures and entered the Changxiang Jiangxiang Village. , Experience group fan culture and other activities gradually fell in love with this ancient charm of the modern city.

The Suzhou Museum, one of the landmark buildings in Suzhou, was designed by the master architect Mr. Pei Mingming. It not only vividly reflects the traditional garden style of Suzhou, but also has the characteristics of minimalist modern architecture. Every scene, every cultural relic is Let college students look at it. "If you want to learn about a city, you must go to the local museum." Miao Zhenyu, a student of visual communication at the school, said, "Compared to other urban museums I have visited, the Suzhou Museum is small, delicate, elegant and fresh. , Gave me a lot of design inspiration. "

Every minute in the Suzhou Museum, the students really felt the “artisan” heart of Suzhou: the hair was silky, the embroidered women were divided into several parts, and the imitation of Song Zhaoyi's "Fulong Caragana" was embroidered with a line almost invisible to the naked eye. "The inscription on the double-sided embroidery screen, even when viewed from a close distance, still has the authenticity of writing with a brush; a small snuff bottle, the ancients used fine craftsmanship and ingenious concepts to depict lifelike patterns on it.

"Eyes are not enough!" Chen Feifei, a major in Chinese International Education, believes that Subo is not only a celebrity punching ground, but also a place where people can calm down and feel the ingenuity, reflect on themselves, and precipitate themselves. From Guangdong, she said frankly that when she chose to study in Suzhou, she loved the strong cultural atmosphere; not only that, she also planned to stay in Suzhou after graduating—through this visit to the Suzhou Museum, she was more determined.

Wang Yi, the instructor of the Student Affairs Department of Wenzheng College, told reporters: "We have incorporated the Suzhou Museum into this 'Sucheng integration action', which not only provides a unique perspective for new students to understand Suzhou, but also hopes that students will feel the" Shouyidian " "The ingenuity will be able to endure loneliness and maintain the original intention in the later study and life, and seek for lean."

It is reported that the students participating in the "Suzhou Integration Action" will also visit the Suzhou Industrial Park Planning Exhibition Hall, the Bio-Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, watch the garden version of "The Six Chapters of Floating Life", and taste a series of rich activities such as taste of Soviet cuisine.

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