(Intersection) The second stop of the Soviet Union's "Integration of Sioux City" to experience group fan culture

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What kind of "chemical reaction" will occur when elements such as landscape, flowers and birds, architecture, and animation meet the fan? Tonight (November 14), 30 freshmen in the 2019 class of Wenzheng College of Soochow University, led by Cheng Cheng, an art teacher of the college, learned about the culture of the Soviet-style group fan, and also experienced the fun of hand-painted group fans.

"Students know? The group fan that appeared in the hit drama" Yanxi Raiders "is from Suzhou!" As a hand-painted group fan researcher, Cheng Cheng was invited to go to Leon, Spain to participate in the CCACO Chinese Culture Festival series exhibition, and will be the folding fan and group fan in Suzhou. Bring it to Europe and create hand-painted works on site. Today, freshmen from 15 provinces and cities across the country can communicate face-to-face with "masters" and learn arts without going to "campus". This is nothing new.

From telling the origin and development of the group fan, introducing the superb fan-making technology of Suzhou craftsmen and the pursuit of exquisite life in Suzhou, to writing, hooking, color matching, and blending, skillfully demonstrating the technique of drawing the fan surface ... Undertaking deep professional knowledge and artistic background, it shows the profoundness of the fan-making process and the exquisite techniques of Chinese painting.

“After listening to the teacher ’s explanation, I realized that the Chinese group fan culture is vast and profound. It turns out that making group fans requires not only skills, but also history and culture.” Said Min Chuhan, a student of environmental design in 2019.
While shouting "newness", the students couldn't wait to start their own creation. I saw lotuses, plums, puppies, and even the "Five Stars of Difficulty" cranes were moved onto the fan.

"Drawing a group fan by hand will allow students to have a deeper understanding of the traditional culture of Suzhou." Cheng Cheng said that the current retro trend is prevailing, and more and more young people wear hanfu and use group fans. When students use their own summer painting When the group fan fan winds, it is also unique. In addition, Cheng Cheng also has high hopes for the students: continue to introduce new ideas and spread the "cultural beauty" of Suzhou.
"Hand-painted group fan" is the second stop of Wencheng College's "Su City integration action". Next, the freshmen will also visit the Suzhou Museum, watch the immersive Kunqu garden version of "The Six Chapters of a Floating Life", and taste a series of rich activities in Suzhou.

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