(Gravitation Broadcast) Freshmen of SDU Wenzheng College Enter Jiangxiang Village to Start the First Stop of "Su City Integration Action"

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On November 10, about 30 college students from the 2019 class of Wenzheng College of Soochow University went to Jiangxiang Village, Changshu, and learned about the development history of Jiangxiang Village by watching the promotional video, the Village History Museum, the Folk Museum and the Ecological Park. This is also the first stop of the school's "Sioux City integration action".

Wenzheng College currently has about 12,000 students from 15 provinces and cities across the country. In order for new students to better understand Suzhou, fall in love with Suzhou, integrate into Suzhou, and help Suzhou develop, start their university career with a spirit of struggle, a stance of struggle, and ambitious goals. At the Suzhou Youth League Committee, Suzhou New Media Federation Under the guidance, Wenzheng College planned and organized the "Sucheng Integration Action" for freshmen.

Wenzheng College has special significance for Jiang Xiangcun as the first stop of "Su City integration action". For a long time, Suzhou has won many praises for its ancient charm and current style. Especially after the founding of the People's Republic of China, the hard-working and intelligent people of Suzhou have made remarkable achievements in economic and social development through continuous struggles. The "mud wall cottage" to the now-known "Star Village", Jiang Xiang Village is a microcosm of the struggle of the people of Suzhou.

By understanding the current and past comparison of Jiang Xiangcun, the archives student Ren Wanting from Henan sighed: "It is my first time to come to Suzhou to study at Lai Wen Zheng College, and this visit made me a deeper impression of Suzhou. The reason why Suzhou can To achieve today's results, it is not the resource advantage, but the spirit of struggle that is fused in the blood of the people of Suzhou. "She also told reporters that she hopes that she can always maintain an optimistic and uplifting spirit like Jiangxiang villagers at all times. Hope. "The development of Jiangxiang Village is a process of constant reform and struggle from scratch. This also reminds us that college students should not forget to struggle while enjoying life," said Miao Zhenyu, a major in visual communication and design.

The charm and urban spirit of Suzhou "will come to light on paper." Wang Yi, the instructor of the Student Affairs Department of Wenzheng College, told reporters that "our students need to go out of campus and learn more about Suzhou by 'looking, listening, and asking'. In addition, they are accustomed to 'checking in and sending out'. It can also be passed on better through their circle of friends. "He revealed that" Suzhou integrates into action. "Next, visit the Suzhou Museum, visit the Suzhou Industrial Park, experience the fan culture, watch the garden version of" The Six Chapters of Floating Life ", and taste Suzhou. Food and more.

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