Notice on the recruitment of counselor assistants in 2019

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2019 93 Wen Zheng Xue Zi [ 2019 ] No. 93


2019 年辅导员助理。 In order to further strengthen the ideological and political education of college students and effectively supplement the counselor team of our college, it is planned to recruit assistant counsellors for full-time graduate students in 2019 .

I. Recruitment conditions

热爱学生工作; 1. Love student work;

全日制在籍研究生; 2. Full-time graduate students;

具有良好的思想政治素质和较高的理论水平; 3. Have good ideological and political qualities and a high level of theory;

遵纪守法,公道正派,勤恳踏实,形象良好; 4. Obey discipline and law, fair and decent, diligent and practical, good image;

在研究生或本科学习阶段,有一年以上的学生干部工作经历; 5. At least one year's work experience as a student cadre at the graduate or undergraduate level;

具有较强的组织协调能力、良好的团队合作意识和敬业奉献精神; 6. Have strong organization and coordination ability, good teamwork awareness and dedication spirit;

熟悉办公自动化,有较强的语言文字表达能力及英语听说读写能力; 7. Familiar with office automation, have strong language expression ability and English speaking, reading and writing ability;

身心健康,有充裕的时间投入工作,能保证每周 7-8 个半天的工作时间,能处理好工作与学习的关系等问题。 8. Physical and mental health, have enough time to work, can guarantee 7-8 half days of work per week , and can handle the relationship between work and study.

Recruiting positions and numbers

2-4 名。 Counselor assistants 2-4 .

3. Duration of appointment

One year.

Fourth, recruitment procedures

报名 Registration

1 )时间: 2019 9 25 日(星期三)至 10 9 日(星期三); ( 1 ) Time: September 25 (Wednesday) to October 9 (Wednesday);

2 )方式:应聘者在导师同意的前提下,本人自主报名。 ( 2 ) Method: Candidates should sign up on their own initiative with the consent of the instructor. 1 )。 Submit the Assistant Counselor Registration Form for Wenzheng College of Soochow University when registering (Appendix 1 ).

105 办公室) , 邮寄地址:苏州市吴中区吴中大道 1188 号,联系人:申老师,电话: 66556302 ,电子版发送至邮箱 1406973452@qq.com The application materials should be submitted to the Student Office of Wenzheng College, Suzhou University ( Office 105 , Comprehensive Building ) . The mailing address is 1188 Wuzhong Avenue, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City. .com .

考核(具体时间另行通知) 2. Appraisal (specific notice will be announced separately)

1 )笔试:重点考察应聘者对辅导员助理岗位的认识和行政能力; ( 1 ) Written test: focus on examining the candidate's knowledge and administrative ability of the assistant's position;

2 )面试:考察应聘者的综合素质等; ( 2 ) Interview: inspect the comprehensive qualities of the candidates;

3 )试用:笔试、面试通过者,由学生处根据工作需要安排岗位试用,试用期为一个月,试用期满由学生处决定是否录用。 ( 3 ) Probation: For those who pass the written test and interview, the student office will arrange a job trial according to the needs of the job. The probation period is one month, and the student office will decide whether to accept or not.

2 )。 Refer to the Interim Provisions for the Assistant Counselor's Work of the College of Wenzheng, Suzhou University for details .


Student Office

September 23, 2019

Attachment 1: Registration Form for Assistant Counselor, Wenzheng College, Soochow University.doc

Attachment 2: "Interim Provisions on Assistant Counselor Work of Wenzheng College of Soochow University" (trial) .doc

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