Notice of Protestant Registration

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文 正人 字 [2019] No.26

According to the school's opening schedule, the relevant matters regarding the registration of new teachers are notified as follows:

I. Registration Time

August 31, 2019 (8: 30-16: 00).

2. Registration Location

Personnel Office, Wenzheng College, Soochow University (Office 317, 3rd Floor, Wenzheng College, Suzhou University, 1188 Wuzhong Avenue, Wuzhong District, Suzhou).

3. Materials to be submitted when registering (if it has been submitted to the Personnel Office or Teacher Development Center before, it is not necessary to provide relevant materials repeatedly)

1. Copy of ID card

2. Original and photocopy of graduation certificate and degree certificate

3. CCB Card (Salary Issuance Card);

4. Employment registration certificate (new graduates);

5. Certificate of departure (not a fresh graduate);

6. Social insurance transfer and connection procedures (not fresh graduates): Participation guarantee and payment certificate issued by the social insurance agency where the original work unit is located, used to handle social security transfer. When handling social security transfers, if the original social security agency in the place of work requires a social security fund management letter from Suzhou Social Insurance Fund Management Center, please bring your ID card to Suzhou Social Insurance Fund Management Center Issued by District A, 6th Floor, City Life Plaza;

7. Submit a recent 1-inch photo and a 2-inch headless color photo on white for on-site work permit and Suzhou Citizen Card (Social Security Card) (Note: Those who already have a Suzhou Citizen Card do not need to provide a two-inch white background Uncrowned photos);

Fourth, file transfer


Information related to file transfers is reflected in the tripartite agreement.


A shift letter is issued to the Personnel Office of the General Building 317 (the name of the original file location needs to be confirmed in advance).

Fifth, the transfer of household registration (except for interns, attention of those in need)


http://szrczx.jsszhrss.gov.cn/ ,填报个人信息后,将就业报到证、户口迁移证、落户挂靠申请表(一式两份) (具体下载地址: http://rsc.lakteledrama.com/345/list.htm ) 、身份证复印件、毕业证原件、结婚证复印件给人事处,人事处工作人员前去苏州市人才服务中心一楼大厅(苏州市干将西路288号)予以办理。 First log on to http://szrczx.jsszhrss.gov.cn/ , fill in your personal information, and submit your employment registration certificate, residence registration certificate, and registration application form (in duplicate) (specific download address: http: //rsc.sdwz .cn / 345 / list.htm ), ID card copy, original graduation certificate, and marriage certificate to the Personnel Department, staff of the Personnel Department went to the first floor lobby of Suzhou Talent Service Center (288 Ganjiang West Road, Suzhou) Go through it. In addition, for fresh graduates whose household registration is transferred from their hometown (non-graduated school) to Suzhou, they will need to go to the public security window of Gusu District Administrative Service Center (No. 117 Jiefang East Road) to apply for a visa (with registration card, household registration book, ID card) , Graduation certificate), and then return to the place of residence to apply for an account migration form. After the hukou relocation slip is completed, bring the relevant materials (returned materials from the personnel office, quasi-visa, hukou relocation slip) to Suzhou Talent Service Center (No. 288 Ganjiang West Road) for hukou registration.


(1) File transfer first

http://szrczx.jsszhrss.gov.cn/ ,进入人才引进模块,(用户名和密码以及集体户口hg317vip.com证明找人事处提供)提交申请;(2)申请通过后,携带身份证前往市人才服务中心领取商调函; (2) Log in to the website of Suzhou Talent Service Center http://szrczx.jsszhrss.gov.cn/ , enter the talent introduction module, and submit the application (user name and password and collective account homepage certification provided by the Personnel Office) to submit an application; (2) the application is approved After that, bring your ID card to the Municipal Talent Service Center to collect the business transfer letter

(3) The business transfer letter goes to the original archives storage unit to go through the business transfer and file transfer formalities;

(4) After the files are transferred, submit the application materials to the City Talent Service Center on the first floor of the No. 1-4 window for review.

The information of the college shuttle is as follows:

Line 1 (East Campus):

Starting Station: East Gate of East Campus

Terminal: Wenzheng College

Class shift

First class: Departs at 7:50 am

Class 2: Departure at 9:50 am

Third class: Departure at 12:40

Class 4: Departure at 14:30 PM

Back to shift:

First class: Departs at 11:50 am

Class 2: Departure at 12:40 pm

The third shift: departure at 15:20 pm

Class 4: Departure at 16:20

Fifth Class: Departure at 17:00

Route 2 (Dushu Lake Campus):

Starting Station: North Gate of Dushu Lake Campus Phase I

Terminal: Wenzheng College

Class shift

First class: Departs at 7:50 am

Second class: Departure at 12:40

Back to shift:

First class: Departs at 11:50 am

Class 2: Departure at 16:20

7. The college does not provide transitional housing.

8. If you have any questions, please call Teacher Cheng from the Personnel Office (18036839045).

Personnel Office, Wenzheng College, Soochow University

July 4, 2019

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